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The Very Best of Christmas, Somewhere

by Christmas, Somewhere

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Christmas, Somewhere was formed over the internet in late 2013 with the vague intention to make something that almost sorta resembles math rock, or at least has those cool tappy guitars we all like. We're proud to say that almost two years later, we at least got close.

Inspired by general ennui and pretentious psuedo-intellectual observations on life (as math rock bands are wont to do) - this is truly us at our Very Best (by default).


released November 27, 2015

Maxton Stenstrom: vocals/lyrics, production, fake instruments, mixing
Nick Bottomley: guitar, real instruments, production, mixing
Mountain Dew 'n' Doritos: cover modeling, not suing us



all rights reserved


Christmas, Somewhere Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Sorry About That Existential Crisis Last Night, I'm Sure That Was a Major Bonerkill
in general
we're the summary
of all our favorite memories

worn proudly on our sleeves
with all our hopes and dreams

but not me
Track Name: Before Jetpacks, We Were Right About Everything
everything your parents said was right
but you were young and naïve and you didn't believe
and now you're struggling to sleep at night

if anything happened you said you'd be alright
but now you're doubled over in stress
as you scramble to change your return flight

it's adorable how you think that you've got it all figured out
while any naysaying memory is slowly lowered into the ground


but please don't take it too personally
i'm just doing what i think would be best for my sanity

and if that means this then i won't resist
if that means this then i won't resist, i promise

please just forget about me
maybe it'll be better for the both of us once i'm entirely flushed from your memories

and if that means me just set me free
if that means me just let me be


and you'll look up to the sky and scream
you were right


my conscious is killing me again
burnt bridges and severed ends
so i take it back to a time when
i could trust my friends

and i lose myself in
the thought of making amends
fables of remorse and forgiveness
and a filling of the holes they left

but reality gets to me
and i fall back asleep
cause i can't stand to see
the world as it's meant to be

when reality gets to me
i fall back asleep
cause the only place i feel safe now
is somewhere deep inside my psyche


and you'll look up to the sky and scream
you were right
Track Name: Scientists Finally Have a Threesome
saw my life
pass me by
in record time

won't get out
can't escape
so say goodbye


complacency will be the death of me
i'll wait til the last second for all my life
dreaming about what will or what should have been
while convincing myself everything will be alright

is this giving up or is this just getting old?
accepting your losses and moving away
is this giving up or is this just getting old
who really wants to be remembered anyway?
Track Name: Now This Is the Best Dad Joke Ever
what more are we than a log of our mistakes?
rushing to the hospital to pump out the pills you know you'll take

but don't you worry, don't you cry
this will all make sense in another life

there'll be a moment when you realize
life's not about getting what you want, it's about getting by
and you cuddle these false comforts so you can rest at night

so sleep tight
rest well
maybe tomorrow we'll evacuate you from your own hell

sleep tight
rest well
tomorrow will be the day
yeah, tomorrow will be the day


so wash my memories clean
from when the phrase "i need help" meant nothing to me
and when the memories come rushing back
i'll scream
Track Name: This Sucks, Man
it's all downhill from here
so why try harder?
your best has come and gone
so why even bother?

just sit back, relax
and let nothingness swallow you whole
there's no use in fighting
the void is now your home

can you feel it fading?